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Founded in 1875 by Major Samon and his trusted confidantes and built on the ancient ruins of Ethereum. It is the largest state in the alliance, with more than three million inhabitants in 1925. Its primary resource is a mysterious mineral that can endow both living beings and objects with extraordinary abilities.

The ancient city was named after the mysterious mineral- ethereum. In the sixteenth century, it ceased to exist; some speculate it was due to wars, and other theories indicate a natural cataclysm. Before the downfall of the city Ethereum, many large lakes existed, that in modern Famas, have become dangerous swamps. At its discovery, only those swamps and a few villages survived in the remote land. Samon rallied artists and architectures giving them access to the antique books that he had found. The unique collection of books that documented ancient Ethereum was used to recreate the modern territory. Samon built his Heavenly Hill in the place of the former royal palace.

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