Crypto Hodlers

The Crypto Hodlers is an NFT-powered, community-driven media brand. Owners receive commercial rights to their characters as we expand into the comics and games universe.

Key information

10,000 Unique Crypto Hodlers NFTs.
Opportunity for your hodler to be featured in future media - i.e. games, comics & art.
NFTs come with full ownership and commercial usage rights.
Arts are generated from over 470 unique traits.

Crypto Hodlers NFT collection

Crypto Hodlers are a collection of 10,000 programmatically generated NFTs with over 470 unique traits. All Crypto Hodlers are uniquely amazing but some traits are rarer than others.

The hodlers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.)

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Types & Rarity

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Male Hodler

44.9% Mint Chance

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Female Hodler

45.2% Mint Chance

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Bot Hodler

9.9% Mint Chance



What are the Crypto Hodlers?

Crypto Hodlers is an NFT-powered, community-driven media brand. We have a unique collection of 10,000 generative NFT collectibles with 470 unique traits stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Owners of the Crypto Hodlers receive member-only benefits such as a share of secondary sales, and commercial rights to their characters as we expand into the comics & games universe.

What are the benefits of owning a Crypto Hodler?

Full commercial rights, future potential opportunities to license a hodler to be featured in media and merchandise, access to members-only airdrops (i.e. comics, side characters) and revenue-sharing of secondary sales

What are Crypto Todlers?

The Crypto Todlers is a collection of up to 5,000 baby Hodlers with over 500 unique traits stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypto Todlers can only be minted from 2 virgin hodlers. Check for virgin hodlers using our search tool.

What are the plans for the future of Crypto Hodlers?

The aim of the Crypto Hodlers is to become a media brand. We are building out a whole universe, starting from comics and lore and are working hard to expand into games and other types of media in the future.

How to(s)

How can I buy a Crypto Holder?

You can buy a Crypto Hodler on the secondary market.

You will require a wallet (i.e. Metamask) and have sufficient Etherum in your wallet for your selected NFT and associated transaction fees (gas fees). If this is your first time buying an NFT, check out this Youtube video.

How can I mint a Todler?

You can mint your Crypto Hodler by "breeding" two Crypto Hodlers. Each Hodler can only be used once for breeding. Here's your step-by-step guide to breeding.

If you're new to the collection and wish to breed we recommend searching the Token ID of the Hodlers you wish to purchase here to verify its relationship status.

How can I name my Hodler?

You can rename your Crypto Hodlers on the blockchain anytime you want using NCT tokens.

How can I receive the eth from secondary sales?

Each time we receive payments from OpenSea 20% is shared among all tokens. You can access and claim your rewards from our website. Here's a guide to claiming your Hodlers NFT rewards.


To initiate new members into community, we will begin working on these projects as more hodlers are sold. The progress of these will be shared on discord.

  • Launch NFT20 liquidity pool

    You can convert your Crypto Hodler NFT into ERC20 tokens, providing better liquidity on decentralized trading platforms such as Uniswap. For more info & instructions check out this article:

  • Cosplay Contest

    Merging the Crypto Hodler Universe with the physical world. Dress up as your favorite Crypto Hodler and prove your bullishness! Prize pool 2.5 ETH

  • Crypto Hodlers Renaming (Collaboration with MaskDAO)

    Rename your Crypto Hodler on the blockchain any time you want using NCT tokens. For more info & instructions check out this article:

  • Art Contest

    We want to see more Crypto Hodler art! Showcase your talents and add to the Crypto Hodler Universe with your own twist, nothing is off-limits. Prize pool 5 ETH

  • Community grants program

    Create a fund for the Crypto Hodler community to assist in the growth of the NFT space and promote Crypto Hodlers. The grant pool will be divided by any number of projects that interest our Hodlers!

    Create grant proposal

    Grant pool 30 ETH [OPEN]

  • Rewards Distribution

    Each time we receive payments from OS 20% of them is shared among all tokens. The owners of tokens will be able to claim the rewards from a single token or bunch of their tokens using our website.

  • Crypto Hodlers Merchandise

    Who doesn't want to see more Crypto Hodlers in the world?! We want you looking and feeling your best. We'll be launching a line-up of comfy threads in the near future.

    Create merch mockups

    Launch initial collection

  • Crypto Todlers (Breeding)

    In order to mint a Todler, you’ll need two Crypto Hodlers, regardless of gender or type. All you pay is the gas associated. The traits of the Todler (with the exception of clothes) will be adopted based on the traits of the Hodler parents. with a small chance to mint brand new traits!

  • Hodlers Universe

    Expand the Hodler Universe with a dedicated team of professionals responsible for comics, art, short novels, and lore.

    Releasing first comics chapter

    Build wiki on Fandom with Crypto Hodlers lore

  • To all Hodlers, There is more to come, this is just the beginning.

Crypto Hodlers Blog

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Here are some helpful tools created by the NFT community. Please note these are unofficial in nature. Every assignment of a Crypto Hodler’s overall value or rarity is inherently subjective.


The Crypto Hodler project is created by Card Art Studio.

Card Art team consists of tattoo artists and software developers based in Lviv, Ukraine. We have been really enjoying the process of creating our NFTs and hope that you enjoy the result!

Card Art
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